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As of the 1st October 2018, improvements were made to our after sales service. Our new service provider, Minerva, are here to support you quickly and effectively with any product issues you may have, freeing up precious time for you to focus on whats really important.

Available from day 1 of install, Minerva want to hear from you, your installer or customer.

Faulty products on install – questions welcomed to resolve any issues upon delivery

Support with products already installed within 30 days – helping to keep them in the home

Uplift authorisation issued verbally over the phone – so faulty products are quickly removed

For repairs and service calls please contact Minerva on 01759 487 839

Service calls can also be booked online, so make sure to share the web address below with your customers:

To speak with our customer service team please call 03333 234 473 opt. 3

Please click the link below to see the new and improved returns process.

Montpellier Returns Process