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Keep your clothes and the planet colourful.

With summer just around the corner, you want your clothes to shine as bright as the sun. That’s why our new MW7140P/S/K washing machine does just that by offering you fast outstanding cleaning at only 30°C. In three bold colour-ways, white, silver and black, there’s one to suit every style. 

Washing at 30°C is the best way to keep your clothes bright and bold. It’s also a step towards doing the same for the planet. Washing at 30°C uses far less energy than at higher temperatures and is kinder to the environment.



Did you know that 90% of a washing machine’s energy expenditure is spent on heating the water? With our new washing machines, you can wash at 30°C in just 15 minutes. Fast, effective, energy efficient and saving you time and money whilst avoiding colour-fade.

Montpellier washing machines keep life colourful, load after load.
Stay bright and bold.

Get the best out of your 30°C wash

30°C washes are perfect for clothes that need a re-fresh or are lightly stained. Use our handy tips below to get the best cleaning performance from your 30°C wash!

Always read the care label - and sort your clothes by colour, temperature and fabric. The garment will indicate if it’s suitable to be washed at 30°C.

1. To avoid any colour-run, always separate colours.

2. Our 30°C rapid wash is based on a 2kg load. This gives the garments room to move and the detergent space to penetrate. For best results, don’t wash more than the recommended load.

3. For a stained item, we suggest pre-treating with detergent following the specified guidelines 1 hour before the wash.

4. Use the recommended amount of detergent, as directed on the pack, based on washing machine size and how dirty your clothes are. The detergent has to do a lot of the work at lower temperatures, so make sure you use the correct amount.

5. For further energy saving, line-dry your clothes if the weather permits.

All of our laundry products are built with garment-care in mind. To view the full range, click here.

Key product features
15 Programmes 15 Programmes
15 Min. Rapid Wash (Based on 2kg treated load) 15 Min. Rapid Wash (Based on 2kg treated load)
White LED Display White LED Display
A++ Energy Rating A++ Energy Rating




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