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Montpellier MW1045W 10kg 1500rpm Freestanding Washing Machine

595mm wide with a 2 year guarantee and has a B energy rating.

Choosing a new washing machine

mm wide with a year guarantee and has a energy rating.

Whether you are moving house, upgrading or replacing a washing machine, it’s worth doing some research to make sure you’re getting a model that really suits your needs. See our simple guide below for our top tips.   The most important features of a washing machine, other than the aesthetic, are the spin speed, load…



mm wide with a year guarantee and has a energy rating.

This promotion has now finished.  Save more than just money with a Montpellier appliance and smol, the UK’s most loved eco-friendly cleaning brand. Enjoy 3 free packs of smol laundry capsules, delivered to your door, when you purchase a Montpellier washing machine or washer dryer. Go green with our eco-friendly promotion, running for two months…

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