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Our top picks for a successful Kitchen Renovation…


Renovating your kitchen?

If you’re getting bored of your kitchen, renovating it, or starting from scratch, give it a high-end makeover with Montpellier. We have a wide array of appliances that look the part in any luxury kitchen. Whether you opt for country farmhouse style and choose one of our range cookers or want to give it a modern minimalist look with our integrated ovens and hobs – there’s an option for you and your budget. Our show stopping side-by-sides give the ‘wow’ factor, our hot taps offer time-saving hot water at the twist of the handle, and our wine coolers are the ultimate treat when adding those finishing touches to your design. So relax, sit back and discover our top products to give your kitchen that refreshing upscale look – Montpellier have this covered…


Built-in Style and Functionality

If you’ve decided on a sleek sophisticated look to your new kitchen, and want your appliances to tie in seamlessly with your cabinetry and keep those lines crisp – Montpellier offer a range of integrated appliances. Make the perfect match with this built-in Trufan™ multifunction oven (SFO74B) and combi microwave (MWBIC74B) duo. Both have an LED Display, complemented by touch and pop-in pop-out controls for complete ease of use.

Our stylish glass induction hob (INT61NT)  is the perfect addition to your kitchen if your looking for a 4 zone hob with a stylish design that heats the contents of your pan up quickly. The induction technology means the pan is heated directly rather than wasting energy heating the cooking surface, this is how it is able to heat up quicker than a ceramic hob would. With touch control, this hob ensures you keep your work surfaces clutter free and streamlined. 


Our Luxe-looking Cooking ranges

Add a little bit of drama to your next kitchen with one of our downdraft cooker hoods. With just one touch, the Montpellier DDCH90 downdraft cooker hood rises from the worktop behind your electric hob and begins its high performing extraction. The perfect choice for space-saving, the design makes it an ideal alternative for low ceilings, island units, or when space is at a premium. It gives your kitchen a contemporary look and does away with the need for wall-based extraction, with the motor cleverly hidden in the unit underneath the worktop.

Turn heads with the 90cm dual fuel range cooker MRT91DFMX, with 5 gas burners, cast iron pan supports and a sleek mirror finish. Telescopic rails in the oven make it safer and easier to get hot food out of the oven, meaning it not only looks good, its easy to use as well.


New Laundry & show-stopping Side-by-Sides

Our brand new Laundry models offer new features including our Stop Add Go technology. Forgotten something and already pressed start? This function allows you to add items of clothing to the machine, after the cycle has started – perfect for adding that dropped sock you find after you’ve pressed start. With a large capacity of 9Kg for the whole family, our MW9140P is fitted with our all new inverter motor this makes the machine run quietly and more efficiently. Inverter motor technology uses magnetic induction, avoiding the friction generated by brushes used in standard motors. This enables the motor to run with less vibrations, noise and of course energy. With stylish design and white LED lighting, our new laundry models are the perfect Laundry room addition.

Our M530PDIX american side-by-side also offer great amount of space for the family – with large 333 Ltr fridge, and 156 Ltr freezer. Plus this model also includes a plumbed ice and water dispenser meaning you can have access to direct and filtered ice and water from your mains. Our side-by-sides are the ultimate in cooling luxury, and they look fantastic in the kitchen too – with one of these you’ll be the envy of all your friends.


Those finishing touches…

To add that extra bit of luxury why not opt for one of our wine coolers, warming drawers or hot taps. They aren’t considered typically essential for the kitchen, but what they lack in necessity – they make up for in luxury. Spoil yourself with one of our wine coolers and keep your favourite wine at the optimum temperature all year round. This dual zone WS38SDDX gives you the ability to keep your white and rosé wine cold between 1°C to 6°C and your reds between 7°C to 18°C – meaning whatever bottle you choose, it will be perfect for quaffing!

Why not opt for another time saver? Our warming drawers (like this WD14BK) might seem a little excessive – but you’ll be surprised how much you use it! The drawer is ideal for proving dough for homemade bread and keeping steak warm when cooking for a few people, or warming up cold plates before serving dinner. Their sleek design will blend seamlessly into your kitchen sitting just under your built-in oven – they are the perfect addition for those that love to entertain!

And finally, our hot taps are perfect for saving time and adding ease to using your kitchen. If you love tea and coffee, our One Stream Hot Tap will make light work of it. Instead of waiting 3 minutes a day (or 18 hours a year!) for the kettle to boil, you simply twist a handle and you have instant hot water. It’s as simple as that. There’s no waiting around, just instant hot water as and when you want it. And the great thing is, a boiling water tap doesn’t just have to be used to make hot drinks. Need to steam some vegetables? Want to whip up a quick pasta dish? All of these are possible to do simply by turning the handle on a tap, and all in a fraction of the time it would take you to boil a kettle. The One Stream hot tap has a swan spout and delivers 98°C near boiling water. Do away with your kettle and save yourself time, energy and money.

See, we told you we had it all covered – now all you need to do is decide how it will all fit in your new kitchen!

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