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An Independent British Brand

Over 50 Years Experience

Contemporary & Retro Style

2 Year Domestic Warranty


Fridge Freezers

Fridge freezers bring you the space-saving convenience of having two appliances in one. You can choose to have the freezer above or below the fridge, or side-by-side if you prefer, french four door, or american side by side style. All of our refrigeration models have fire-retardant metal backs for added safety.



The fridge is a central part of any kitchen. We offer a wide range of beautifully practical fridges that keep your food perfectly chilled to stay fresh for longer. All of our refrigeration models have fire-retardant metal backs for added safety.

Modern home interior. Modern kitchen design in a light interior. Modern apartment. Home Design Software Programs. Loft Light Fixture Lights in Black Metal Frame Shade with Clear Panel Glass. Turnkey.


From freestanding to integrated, whatever you’re looking for in a freezer you’ll find it here. All of our freezer models have fire-retardant metal backs for added safety.


Wine Coolers

If you’re taking up valuable space in your fridge to store wine bottles, a wine cooler could be the ideal solution. It will help keep your wine or beer chilled at the perfect temperature and free up valuable space in your fridge. All of our wine coolers have fire-retardant metal backs for added safety.


American Side by Sides


French Door & 4 Door Refrigeration



The Retro Refrigeration Collection With its smooth lines, bold shape and head-turning design, the Montpellier Retro Collection captures the classic and ever popular 1950’s look and is a beautiful addition to any stylish kitchen. Under the surface of every one of our Retro appliances is twenty-first century engineering, bringing you the very best performance and dependability. Our Retro Collection really is the perfect embodiment of Montpellier’s balance of function, style and reliability.

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