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Our Mission

Montpellier make a commitment to continuously learn, improve and adapt, with a focus on mitigating any harmful impact we have on our environment.



Implemented in March 2021, refrigeration, dishwashers, washing machines and washer dryers all moved onto a new energy rating scale, which is now A to G. This happened because the previous scale had become overpopulated at the top end.

The new scale encourages more advances in technology and leaves space at the top for even more energy efficient appliances to be developed. Montpellier are continuously working to bring better energy saving features and energy efficient products into our range.

Tumble dryers and cooking will move onto the new scale no later than 2025. Energy labels are available to download on our product pages.

For more information, click here



At Montpellier, we love to support our customers with living a greener lifestyle. We have been delighted to partner with ‘the UK’s most loved eco-friendly cleaning brand’, smol, offering free laundry capsules to customers buying laundry appliances. smol creates high performance, eco-friendly and 100% plastic free cleaning products delivered directly to your door.

Watch this space for more eco-friendly collaborations in the future.




All Montpellier laundry and dishwashing products have an eco programme, so you can ensure that you are using an energy efficient wash every time.

We continue to work with our product development teams to improve the energy efficiency and energy ratings of new products, to bring you the very best.

Look out for additional features such as Heat Pump Technology and Stop Add Go Technology that can help save energy.


To support the longevity of each appliance, we recommend using it as per the instruction manual, including carrying out appropriate routine maintenance.

In addition, we support the repair and maintenance of our products by offering replacement parts for between 7 to 10 years.


When we collect old appliances they are delivered in bulk to The Appliance Recycling Centre, a carbon neutral company who do two things:

Repair products and fully test them to a high standard to give them a second lease of life as a B grade product.

Break down scrap products into material crumbs, or ‘recyclates’, which go back into making new appliances.



At Montpellier we are conscious of the immediate impact we have on waste and resources, that's why:

  • We have solar panels on the roof of our head office, which helps us reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Sensor lighting in various areas of the building, which helps us to reduce energy usage.
  • Our bathroom facilities have hand dryers, the most efficient method for drying hands. Find out more here.
  • We continue to work towards being a paperless office. All sales orders and invoices and internal communications are paperless.


We use four main delivery companies, depending on the size and weight of what is being sent. Collectively they:

  • Fully optimise routes to ensure maximum deliveries are made within the shortest distance possible.
  • Use aero dynamic fuel-efficient vehicles that are regularly maintained and serviced.
  • Are committed to a waste recycling scheme which includes recycling shrink wrap, paper, cardboard, scrap metal and ink cartridges.
  • Provide a collection and delivery service in one go, eliminating a second journey and reducing mileage.


Sustainability and environmental commitments strongly feature in the passion and objectives of every person at Montpellier and we continue to educate ourselves, improve and adapt. The Montpellier team actively demonstrates and supports a commitment, focus and energy to protecting the environment in which we operate and promoting sustainability for the future.

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