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In the UK we have historically always had front-loading washing machines. They are reliable, sturdy, and what we know.
But what do you do when space is at a premium? Generally your kitchen has to work around the washing machine as there aren’t variants on size. With a fridge or a dishwasher, you can choose a size to suit the space available, but with a washing machine? Bad luck, this appliance isn’t changing for anyone.

There is a solution though. One which as Brits, we are a little wary of as it’s so different to what we know and what we have all grown up with. In the US and Australia, these products are their ‘normal’ and are just as good as their front-loading UK counterparts.

Top-loading washing machines may seem a little alien to you, but they are perfect for kitchens or utility rooms where you are pushed for space. With no need to be squeezed under a work-top, with thought for which way the door needs to swing open, they are far more flexible in where they sit in the home. At a skinny 40cm wide, your kitchen will no longer have to work around a large standard size.

You may think that being so small, you’re only going to be able to wash a tiny load right?
The top-loaders are deceptively large, with our MTL6120W offering you the same 6Kg capacity that you’re probably used to, 1200rpm, A+ energy and all of the programmes you expect.

They may even be a little cleaner, as there is no rubber seal collecting mould, detergent and bacteria as you can get on the opening of a front-loader.

These appliances make life that little bit easier for us physically too. They do away with the constant bending and crouching to load and unload a front-loader making it easier on your back. And if you’re a parent or grandparent of young children, there is no more worrying about little people fiddling with the controls, settings or door while it’s on a wash cycle.
They all sit up on the top of the washing machine, safely away from inquisitive hands.

What else can they offer? Well, we have all experienced that one black sock that has escaped the laundry pile as it’s brought to the washing machine. It’s so annoying and means you have to wait for the next ‘darks’ load to finally have your pair of socks back together. That annoyance is taken away with a top loader; you can add items in throughout the wash without the fear of flooding your kitchen with water and detergent like you would have with a front-loader.

Still need convincing? The price of top-loaders have come down signficantly as interest has grown, with some at less than £300, they compare with front-loaders in price. So, next time you need a new washing machine or re-design your kitchen, consider a top-loader like the Montpellier MTL6120W and let your appliances work around you.

Find out more about our MTL6120W Top-loading washing machine here

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