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Recycling Appliances


This month we were delighted to visit The Appliance Recycling Group (ARG) in Tipton, West Bromwich.

They do amazing stuff!

We send old appliances that have been collected and replaced to them to be recycled. ARG do this by breaking down the appliances into material crumbs, or ‘recyclates’.

The recyclates include copper, aluminium, foam, plastic and ferrous, which are then used to make new appliances.

They receive over 100,000 old appliances each year and nearly 90% of these are recycled, with the remainder being given a second lease of life. This keeps them out of land fill and helps reduce the impact on our environment.

ARG’s complete UK operation is carbon neutral, plus they are Weeelabex accredited and were awarded Green Business of the Year in the Business Awards 2022!


James Farmer of ARG with an appliance ready for recycling  An image of some of the material crumbs, or 'recyclates'.  Some old appliances stacked up ready for recycling


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