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A workhorse with style – the MDOG & MDOC series


Household appliances need to be there for us every time that we flip the switch, but many of us also want some style to blend into our surroundings too. A honest, sturdy design that brings together features for daily use, in an attractive package, the MDOG (gas) & MDOC (ceramic) double cooker series.

Sustainable Living
With sustainability a high priority for many, an appliance with an A rating can be a significant advantage. This model has an energy efficiency rating of A/A+, so it can help to reduce not only an energy bill, but also a carbon footprint.

LPG Convertible
LPG jets are included with this model, ensuring that everything needed to get up & running quickly in a mobile environment is available. Following a conversion to switch from a Natural Gas set up to a LPG gas set up, it is possible to turn the heat up with this series of cookers using canisters from local suppliers. Due to the pressure differences between NG & LPG, this process is essential for anyone wishing to make the switch & must be carried out by a qualified engineer.

Size 50cm – 60cm
With space being at an absolute premium for many, this model comes in 2 sizes, 50cm & 60cm, which refers to the width of the appliance. While both sizes work well in a standard kitchen, the 50cm model offers a generous cooking resource, while taking up the smallest footprint possible. If there is a little room to work with, the 60cm version offers that bit more – it’d be easy to underestimate how much the extra 10cm can bring.

50cm version – the main oven has a cavity of 56Ltrs, with the second oven/grill being 24Ltrs, making a combined total volume of 80Ltrs. This is a generous offering for the home, let alone a compact living scenario. 60cm version – the main oven has a cavity of 72Ltrs, with the second oven/grill being 39Ltrs, making a combined total volume of 111Ltrs.

Glass Hob Lid
The gas versions in this range come with a glass lid that cover the hobs when not in use. It can provide valuable extra worktop space for light items (when the cooker has cooled down & is not in use). The lid is equipped with a safety valve, that will cut off the gas feed to the hob burners if the lid is lowered. The oven & grill burners will continue to operate regardless of the position of the hob lid.

Alongside these factors this series comes equipped with Catalytic Liners, an LED Minute Minder & Matt Enamel Pan Supports.

Available today. Shop the range here.






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