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Boat Life Escapism – Julian & Heidi

intro julian&heidi

Montpellier Appliances aren’t just for the home. Many are often used in alternative situations, from vans to sheds or even boats.

To follow on from #Vanlife, we’ve teamed up with a very aspirational couple, who are creating their own way of life on a narrow boat #BoatLife

Julian & Heidi started their adventurous lifestyle in a Van, where they learnt about the challenges that simple daily tasks can involve, such as water, refrigeration, the toilet and space management. Now they’ve turned their attention to renovating a narrow boat in the South East of the country.

Their TikTok and Instagram channels document their lifestyle – from daily routine, to eating, to how they wash the pets and how they approach setting up and organising their space.

Over the next few months we’ll have updates on their progress and find out more about what’s involved. Tune into our Blog and social channels to see what happens for boat dwellers when it floods, when it comes to installing appliances and much more.



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