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Ceramic Hob Cleaning Guide


Ceramic hobs with their seamless and shiny finish, often show up spills, dried-on food and many consumers are unsure of how to effectively clean them.
We’ve put together a couple of tips to help you restore your hob to its former glassy glory.

1. Buy a cleaning product specifically designed for ceramic hobs. These cleaning solutions are specifically designed to be smooth and gentle on glass so as to avoid scratching while cleaning.
Always read the guidance specific to the solution before you start.

2. Use a soft microfibre cloth or clean soft brush (make-up brushes are ideal) to brush off any loose crumbs or food residue before you start cleaning as these could scratch or mark the surface if wiped over.

3. Spray the ceramic hob cleaning solution onto the affected areas. Allow the solution to settle but not dry onto the surface. This will allow it to soften any dried-on food or tough stains so that as little abrasion as possible is needed to remove them.

4. Use a soft clean microfibre cloth to gently wipe over the areas in small circular motions. These cloths are gentle and kind to your glass surface. They are also great for buffing them up to be really shiny.

5. If you find you need something with a little more pressure for tougher stains, try some folded kitchen paper. Still be gentle though, and then buff with a clean microfibre cloth.

Persevere with the cleaning, as you’re not able to use any abrasives, you may find old stains that have been left, are a little hard to remove. So repeat the process again. Don’t be tempted to reach for that scourer, it will only scratch your hob.


As with all of the do’s there are some definite DON’TS for cleaning ceramic hobs:

  1. DON’T use anything abrasive on a glass hob such as scourers, wire wool, scrapers.
    Only use a microfibre cloth.
  2. DON’T be tempted to try and scrape off dried-on foods. Anything sharp, even used with the most care will scratch the surface.
  3. DON’T use any cleaning products that aren’t specifically designed for ceramic hobs. They are too abrasive.

The best way to look after your hob is to follow all of the cleaning steps above and to use the hob for cooking correctly. Read our Essential Glass Hob Guide to find out how to cook on, and look after your glass hob to ensure only minimal marking.

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*These are only recommendations and not official guidance. Please refer to the manufacturers manual for your specific make and model to use correctly and safely. We are not held responsible for damage caused. Refer to your manual.

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