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Do you really know what your machine is capable of?


When we buy a new washing machine, we tend to think the more programmes the better! But then 9 times out of 10, we only use two or three settings on our machine. Why’s that? Generally, because we have no idea what the others do without referring to the manual. In the main, we select an appliance where we have no idea of what it’s really capable of, and we certainly don’t use it to its full potential.

We’ve put together a little Jargon-buster for you to understand your appliance better.

Washing Machine Popular Settings

  • Pre-Wash Option – For especially dirty clothes, a pre-wash will loosen dirt and remove it from the clothes prior to the main wash.
  • Allergy Care – Uses additional rinsing to remove all detergent from fabric to minimise the risk of skin irritation.
  • Anti-Allergy – A cycle that is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It combines high temperatures and extra rinses to neutralise and remove 99.9% of allergens, dust mites and pollen.
  • Sensitive Wash – By prolonging the maximum wash temperature, increasing the water level, and adding an extra rinse, this programme reduces exposure to allergens that irritate sensitive skin.
  • Anti-Stain Technology – This function manages detergent, water, drum rotation and temperature to eliminate stains in one wash.
  • Baby – A special wash cycle designed for bulky loads such as bedding and towels, cycle completes in less than two hours and tends to wash at higher temperatures to kill off bacteria.
  • Sports Wear –These are for washing microfibre sports clothing. Designed to remove sweat marks and odours by having a longer wash cycle, whilst washing at a lower temperature, so as not to damage the fabric.
  • Eco 20/30 – As the name suggests, this program should save you energy.
  • Anti-Crease – An anti-crease program should help to prevent creases from forming in clothes, typically by lowering the spin speed or shortening the spin cycle.
  • Daily 60 – This wash programme is perfect for dirty, cotton, coloured and linen textiles and will wash at 60°C in just 60 minutes.
  • Delay Timer – Allows you to delay the start time for between 1-24 hours.
  • Eco Cycle/Eco Wash – Save up to 70% in energy with an energy efficient cycle specifically programmed for cottons, synthetics and fast wash cycles.
  • Mix – Especially for mixed items of laundry made of various hard-wearing and easy-care fabrics.
  • Shirts – Especially optimised for shirts. The shirts are spun on a lower speed to keep them a little damper. When hung, this helps creases to fall out making ironing easier.
  • Hand Wash/Delicates – The fabrics are spun at a very low speed. It is recommended that you do not wash these fabrics together with other rougher fabrics. The use of detergent for delicates is recommended.
  • Super Wash – An intensive super wash function which can be combined with other wash cycles providing a great cleaning performance.
  • Time Saver – This function uses increased power, speed and water pressure resulting in the cycle taking 50% less time to run.
  • Wool Plus – A special programme that uses a gentle drum movement to reduce the risk of shrinkage on woollen items.
  • Rapid Wash – Usually a fast 15-minute wash based on a 2kg capacity. Ideal for a quick refresh of clothes that aren’t marked or stained.


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*These are only recommendations and not official guidance. Please refer to the manufacturers manual for your specific make and model to use correctly and safely. We are not held responsible for damage caused. Refer to your manual.

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