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Preparing your car for winter


Deicing your car

With temperatures starting to drop it won’t be long until the frosty winter mornings return and we start the process of deicing our cars.

If you keep your car outside the best way to avoid ice forming on your windscreen all together would be to cover it with a towel or even a tarp. Placing large sandwich bags over your wing mirrors can protect them from the ice too.

To make your own deicer you can mix 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water. Spraying this evenly over your windscreen will help melt the ice faster and applying the solution the night before will make it even easier to remove. Any remaining ice can be easily scraped away.

When scraping the ice off of your car make sure to only use a device specifically designed for scraping as using a card or cd case could scratch the glass.


Getting some traction in the snow

A good tip for if you get stuck in the snow is to use your floor mats from the foot well of your car. They can help your tyres gain traction.


Top up your antifreeze

You should make sure that the antifreeze in your coolant is topped up to ensure the water in your engine does not freeze. The coolant can get diluted over time as you top it up with water, so make sure this has been checked to avoid a large repair bill.


Breakdown Essentials

As you can never predict what will happen it is a good idea to have the below essential items in your car incase you break down this winter

Your breakdown kit should include a spade, torch, spare warm clothes, a blanket, hi-visibility vest, food and drink supplies, wellies, phone charger, scraper and screen wash.

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