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Tips for a spectacular fireworks night


Having your own fireworks display? We have put together a few ideas to help turn your garden into an enchanting place with a spectacular fireworks display.

The Bonfire

Choosing whether you have your bonfire on the ground or in a firepit. Either way make sure it is manageable and also have enough fuel to keep it going through the night, it will keep you warm. If you don’t have the space for a big bonfire a few small firepits dotted around is sure to please the crowd.

Get A Head Count

Knowing how many people are coming will help you plan the layout of your party. Although most will be happy standing by the fire ensure there’s enough seating. Getting a few hay bales or large logs can work nicely.

Keeping Everyone Cozy

Although you will have a fire going to keep people warm, putting some blankets in a wicker basket with a nice note to say ‘keep cozy’ ensures that anyone who is particularly cold can wrap them selves up with another layer.

The Menu

Having food your guests can interact with makes the evening more fun and less work for you. Roasting hot dogs over the fire is a bonfire favourite; make sure you have enough roasting sticks to hand; you will need them for toasting marshmallows too! Another nice idea is to make bite size toffee apple lollies; you can scoop little balls of apple using a melon baller, add them onto a stick and dip them in melted caramel, delicious!

Warming Drinks

Draping a nice blanket over a table with a wicker tray to serve the hot chocolate and mugs on can makes for a handy serving station that everyone can get too. Add a jar of marshmallows to the tray too and your guests can create an extra sweet and delicious hot chocolate.

A Touch Of Light

Adding a few lanterns around can make the area look inviting and will help indicate areas of the party. You can make these easily by adding a candle into a large jar, or use the battery powered flickering tea lights. If you have time add a more autumn feel to your lanterns by using clear glue to stick some leaves around the outside of your jar, a beautifully glow will be given to the jar when lit.

The Fireworks

Make sure you have an order to your fireworks to get a constant flow, which will keep your guests entertained. A long display is generally not favoured as delays in setting them off can get boring and looking up for too long can ache your neck! The best displays use quality fireworks that will wow your guests and usually last up to a minute, so choose your fireworks carefully.

You should make sure they are set off in an open space with no overhanging trees and guests can be kept at a safe distance.

Have A Sparkler Of A Time

What would fireworks night be without sparklers? Everyone loves to have a go, so make sure there’s enough for everyone. If there’s no young children around you can display them in a nice jar on a separate table and a have bucket of water close by to place them in afterwards.

Remember to keep pets indoors and give your neighbours
a heads up so they can keep their pets safe too.

Hope everyone’s night goes off with a bang!

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