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Summer laundry tips


Three tips for your summer laundry, now we know you don’t always want to do the house chores when it’s a lovely summers day but these three tips are perfect for the next few months to help you enjoy the summer, whilst you keep on top of that ever growing mountain of laundry and for those accidental stains while enjoying a BBQ.

  • Hang your laundry outside to dry.
    If you have a garden and washing line then why not take advantage of the summer weather, with the warm sunshine and breeze blowing around your washing will be dry in know time. It will also have a lovely fresh outside smell along with saving you some money & electricity and most importantly you yourself can enjoy the sun whilst pegging out the washing.
  • BBQ Sauce
    This BBQ season we hope you are enjoying many BBQ’s out in the summer sunshine, but when you have that ooops moment and you have BBQ sauce all down your new t shirt or white linen trousers don’t panic, follow these easy steps below.

    – Turn the piece of clothing inside out.
    – Run cold water over the stained area.
    – Add some liquid detergent to the stained area and leave for 10 minutes, before rinsing out.
    – Blot gently over the stain with the special ingredient – White Vinegar, then rinse out again
    – Repeat points 3 & 4 until most of the stain has been removed then place into the washing machine on a normal wash.

  • Sun Lotion on your clothing
    This summer your being sun safe applying sun cream to yourself and all the family but you end up with some sun cream on the new outfit that you are wearing for the first time this year. Follow these 2 simple steps to remove this sun cream.

    – Apply liquid detergent directly to the stained area and rub in.
    – Put clothing into the washing machine and wash as normal but on the hottest setting allowed for the item of clothing.

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