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Enjoy a delicious pumpkin spiced latte this autumn


Autumn has come which means it is time for the popular pumpkin spiced latte to make its return to the coffee shops. But wouldn’t you rather enjoy it in the comfort of your own home, curled up on the sofa with a good film or book?

Well you can now, with this simple recipe…

What you need


2 tbsp of canned pumpkin

½ tspn of pumpkin pie spice (plus more to garnish)

Fresh ground black pepper

2 tbsp of sugar

2 tbsp of pure vanilla extract

470ml of whole milk

1 – 2 shots of espresso (60ml approx.)
60ml of heavy cream (whipped until firm peaks form)


Mixer, whisk or hand blender


Wooden spoon



  1. Using a small saucepan cook the pumpkin with pumpkin spices over a medium heat and add a generous helping of the black pepper, stirring constantly. Cook for approximately 2 minutes or until it is hot and smells cooked.
  2. Add in the sugar stirring until the mixture looks like a thick bubbly syrup
  3. Warm the milk and vanilla extract gently over a medium heat making sure it does not boil over.
  4. Now blend the milk mixture with a hand blender (or traditional blender) until it is nice and frothy
  5. Make the espresso or coffee dividing it between 2 cups and add the frothed milk mixture.
  6. Add the final touches of whipped cream and a sprinkling of pumpkin spice, cinnamon or nutmeg then enjoy!

Pumpkin Spice batch recipe

To make a big batch of the pumpkin spice for refrigerating for later you can do the following: (for 8 full servings)

Cook 170g of pureed or canned pumpkin together with 2 teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice adding ½ a tspn of black pepper, 170g of sugar and 120ml of vanilla extract. Make sure these are stirred well together over a medium heat, cooking until hot.

Let the mixture cool then refrigerate. The mixture can be refrigerated for up to
1 week.

When ready to serve blend 70g of the mixture with milk and blend until frothy.

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