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Summer time clean


Summer is here and hopefully most of you are spending time outdoors soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh air (between the rain and cloud!).

But what about your living space? It to needs a breath of fresh air. So, why not use those rainy days to create a spick-and-span living space for those times you spend around the home between the summer activities.

Here are a few tips to help with refreshing your home this summer:

  1. Gather all those old items such as, magazines, toys and books that have been collecting dust and donate them to charity. They will not only benefit someone else but they will help to create more space in your home.
  2. Reduce your electricity bill and help the environment by changing old light bulbs to more energy efficient ones. While you are at it why not change those old shower curtains and smoke detector batteries too.
  3. Why not use the ‘hate it, love it, like it’ system to organise your seasonal items to free up some wardrobe and draw space. Donate the clothes and accessories you hate, organise the items you love in your wardrobe and draws and store the items you like and will only use occasionally.
  4. To make sure cleaning runs as smooth and as quickly as possible, organise and label those cleaning supplies so you have an accurate idea of the products you need for your home. There are many common and non-toxic household items that can be used instead of harsh chemicals. For instance, did you know that white vinegar can be used to remove grease, eliminate odours and cut through wax build up? And Lemon can be an effective barrier for bacteria because of its high acidity.
  5. The best way to keep your home fresh and clean is to get into a routine with your daily chores. For example, cleaning as you cook and remembering to recycle old magazines when you are done with them. This will help to prevent disorder around the home and keep it that bit cleaner.
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