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Carving a spooktacular pumpkin


Halloween is almost here so it’s time to get creative and carve that pumpkin into the most spooktacular Jack O’Lantern you can

Below are a few tips to help your carving go more smoothly, so your efforts aren’t wasted.


1. Choose your pumpkin wisely

Take the time to find your perfect pumpkin. A wobbly pumpkin is no good so find one with a flat base to make sure it can’t roll over easily.

The fresher the pumpkin the better and it should have a sturdy stem so when it is carved you can take the lid on and off easily.


2. The right tools will make carving so much easier

Using the right tools will make the carving easier. You can buy specific pumpkin carving tools or if you are just using a knife ensure it has a serrated edge, this will act like a saw giving you more control over your carving.


3. Angled lid

An angled lid slots into place nicely is less likely to slide down into your lantern then if you cut straight down.


4. The best scooping tool

An ice cream scoop does the best job of removing the seeds and flesh from your pumpkin.


5. For best results use a template or draw your design

Drawing your design out first with a marker pen will help you make less mistakes as you know exactly where you are cutting. A template will mean you can create more complex designs.


6. Cutting your design

For a clean finish try and cut straight and not at an angle but if you do go wrong you can always use a cocktail stick to reattach it.


7. Light it up

Tealights work best for getting the traditional flickering pumpkin look. To reduce burning carve a small hole in the lid.


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