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Tips for some fun festive foods


The start of December is here which means Christmas is only a few weeks away! Decorations are starting to go up and the Christmas adverts are out in force. Christmas can be a stressful time with all the planning so we have put together a few festive food ideas that are simple and sure to please everyone.

Pizza may not sound that festive but it can be if you get a little creative. When making your pizza from scratch use some Christmas cookie cutters to cut your pizza dough into a festive shape before adding the toppings.

Cheesy puff pastry always goes down a treat so why not create them into star shapes to fit with the festive theme.

If your making your own whipped cream then freeze some on a baking tray and when your wanting a nice hot chocolate on a cold day or evening use a cookie cutter to create festive whipped cream treats.

Don’t want to buy any more biscuit cutters? Then a gingerbread man cutter can also make a reindeer head when turned upside down, just draw on the reindeer features with icing.

To make cornflake wreaths just add green food colouring to the melted marshmallow mixture then on a baking tray spoon the mixture into the wreath shape and top with some red candy.

Created your own festive foods? Share them with us on twitter we would love to see!

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