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Make a warming glass of blackberry mulled wine


With the evenings getting colder and Christmas nearing, it’s time to warm up with a festive favourite. A nice hot glass of mulled wine, made even tastier with blackberries added.



350g frozen or fresh blackberries (and some to garnish)

300ml apple juice

50g caster sugar

4 cloves

½ cinnamon stick,

1 vanilla pod (or a tsp of vanilla extract)

Apples to garnish



  1. Place the blackberries into a saucepan adding the apple juice and caster sugar, cinnamon and clover. Remove the seeds from the vanilla pod then add both the seeds and pod to the pan and bring to the boil. This should be cooked for 4-5 minutes until the mixtures reduces and has a syrupy texture.
  2. Once the mixture has turned syrupy reduce the heat and pour the red wine in. Heat this gently for approx. 5 minutes until it is steaming (it should not be bubbling).
  3. To remove the blackberry seeds strain the mulled wine through a sieve and mash any juicy parts through the mesh using a fork.
  4. To garnish core the apple and cut into thin slices then add a slice to each cup along with a few blackberries.
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